HypnoMan Entertainment & Therapy
"The Magic of the Mind"
Stage Hypnotist Show for
all ages.  This very "Hip",
Funny, and High Energy
show will please
everyone and especially
those who join Eric on
stage to discover the
power and magic of their
own mind.
Various shows available - subject to change - call for pricing.
Phone# 1-801-688-0920
Eric Wanner can and will help you change things in your life that
you seem to feel are beyond your reach.  Through Hypnosis you
can achieve that which seemed beyond your reach.  Here is a list
of things He can Help you with;
Stop Smoking**                                                                Sports Hypnosis
Lose Weight*                                                                    Natural Breast Enlargement
Achieve more Self Confidence**                                    Insomnia
Stop Biting Nails                                                               Depression
Improve Memory and Recall                                           Phobias
Develop Positive Self-esteem**                                     Nervous Tics
Reduce Stress                                                                  Stuttering
Reduce or Eliminate Physical Pain**                              Headaches
Sleep Better at Night                                                       Alien Abduction recall**
Overcome the Fear of Failure                                        Anesthesia
Overcome the Fear of Success                                      Allergy Relief
Overcome Shyness                                                          Panic Attacks
Improve Sports Performance                                          Study Habits
Improve Motivation                                                          Improve Concentration
Overcome Sexual Problems                                            Improve Sexual Performance                                     
Improve your Immune system                                         Lower Blood Pressure**

** Requires an Hour Intensive session
$39.00 20-30
Minute Special!
$69.00 1-Hour
Intensive Special!
Client will need to provide a quiet room for the session to take place.
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