Eric Wanner is a distinguished magician, with a humble love for magic.
When he does his act his true love for the magical arts shines through. He
moves are graceful, his voice is elegant, and marvels flourish around him.
Eric does not distract the audience with flashes of smoke, or blinding lasers.
He does not need such subterfuge. The illusions capture the imagination of
the audience, and transports' them, if only for a moment into the realm of
magic and mystery.

Although Eric is a master of the stage, he is also an expert of close-up
magic. He has made borrowed dollar bills float through the air. Plus, he can
have someone select a card, tear a corner out, and destroy the rest of the
card. Then magically has the destroyed part of the card appear in the center
of an orange when he cuts it open. The undestroyed corner fits the card from
the orange perfectly. All of this is performed close-up with the spectators.

Eric like many magicians loves to create new ingenious illusions, and tricks.
The trick "Your Name" is one he has developed recently. In this effect, Eric
displays a red deck of cards. On the back of each card, Eric shows boys'
names and girls' names written on them. He then turns the deck over and
allows you to select any card you wanted. When you turn over the selected
card, it is found to have "your name" on it. This gets a pleasant laugh, but
the amazing thing is that it is the only card in the deck that has a blue back.

If you are interested in the "Your Name" trick, I am sure Eric would be
happy to hearing from you. Just click on the E-mail icon below and send him
a message. You can also send him a message if you would like to book him
for your own entertainment.
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