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Last Update: 04/9/2012
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Gypsy Majick
Our new tent environment allows us to do our
Illusion show, but other acts can use the stage
when we are not performing to add even
more attractions to your event.
Amazing stage illusions performed in extreme
close-up like you have never seen them before!
This show is Family
friendly, has comedy,
drama, a bit of danger, and
very unforgettable for all
who watch this entertaining
and amazing performance.
Book Gypsy Majick for you
next City or County Fair!  
This show is perfect for fairs
of all types, cause we are Irish
Gypsies, known as Travelers
or Rovers.  The road is our
home.  Let us entertain and
delight the citizens of your
town or village.  Contact us
for more details!
Booking now for summer and
fall of 2012, and Spring,
summer, and Fall 2013!  Book
early to secure your date!
30 Second Gypsy Majick AdCall 801-688-0920 for Booking info!
Gypsy Majick Demo ReelCall 801-688-0920 for Booking info!